Cold autumn morning

Good morning Sundays!


What’s not to love about Sundays, right? With all the morning chill which surrounded us lately, i think it’s time for some delights and pampering.

I love the smell and taste of fresh coffee in the morning, the fashion updates and a fancy rose on this cold weather, brought by my favorite Mr UTer. And since i love this kind of mornings i wanna share with you our Sunday morning pampering ritual, that makes our day more wonderful.

My morning ritual starts with Yogi Flow shower foam with its delicate scent of Indian Rose and the moisturizing Sweet Almond Oil, that make your skin so beautiful and allowing you to experience and enjoy the relaxation everyday.

Mr UTer pays great attention to its personal appearance, grooming with the energizing Samurai shower foam, that has a special ingredient blend of soothing Bamboo and Cedar Wood.

Also for this rituals to be complete we chose the most luxurious Bamboo Premium towels. You will never believe how it feels on the skin, so soft and delicate.



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