Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Her

Since the holiday season just ended, i thought that only we – the girls – always want to be one step forward when it comes to be on time with the right gift for Valentine’s Day.

But some of you – my male readers – told me, you don’t wanna get the half-right gift for your Valentine, since this special day is a really big deal for us girls and also we – the girls – will for sure get the great-right gift for you.

Well, finding the right gift for Valentine’s Day may be tough, but this year guys, no more chocolates, hearts and flowers! Enough with the cliche Valentine’s Day gifts ideas that you’ll get from the street and flower shops, now let’s make it count this year.

It’s true woman won’t say no to a gift, but the gift on such a day, must come with a meaning.

Behind every successful man there is a woman!

You know what they say: Behind every successful man there is a woman! If that’s your case, since we love perfumes why not make a state out of it. You will, for sure, do the right thing. So choose, depending on the time of the day you’ll offer your gift, a perfume Boss Jour or Nuit pour femme!

A Boss Jour pour femme – so this will be her day. It’s an elegant fragrance inspired by the first light of day.

Or a Boss Nuit pour femme – inspired by the Little Black Dress and what it stands for. Boss Nuit is a wonderful compliment to women, this ultimately feminine and sensual  fragrance is tempting and radiant, just like a glass of champagne.


Time is always important. Why not make a statement buying a watch? But not any watch, go for a Balmain!

Eria Lady Round from Balmain is a classic, so feminine and stylish, a diamond signature of strength and chic Parisian women whom we aspire to emulate. It’s a daily essential, that will make every hour be so full of meaning until the date with the loved one.


Last but not least, a piece of jewelry will always be a manifesto of love and appreciation.

A diamond is a stone that truly states – I love you – in the deepest way.

If is not the moment for a ring, a pair of diamond earrings and pendant will be just the perfect gift.

In fact, the diamond’s symbol of deep, everlasting love, makes it a forever jewelry from the fact that it’s the most resistant stone known on earth, a reflection of your love.


With that being said, i hope i opened the door to inspiration for you guys and i would love to hear what you have chosen for your Valentine.


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