The Perfect Gift For The Gentlemen Of Your Life!

Yes, is true! We love chocolates, hearts and everything related with romance, but men are way different. And please don’t say they are not, because they so are.

Valentine’s Day is coming and maybe is still early to buy a gift, but babes, we need time to choose the best one, right?

Try give your man flowers, a box of sweet little hearts of chocolates or a coffee mug with a love message on it. I know from a fact, that the gift you would wanna get on Valentine’s day, could be a little to much for your man.

So that being told, i have some gentlemen gift ideas i wanna share with you, that i got from my best men friends.

– See the joy on the man’s face –

I love to see joy and surprise on my man face and let’s face it between us, this is such a great gift for us sometimes.

First thing first, i must say men don’t get eye pads for sleeping, but they get sunglasses and you won’t be mistaken if you choose a classic, yet in trend Ray•Ban. Sunglasses are part of accessories which are never enough.

There are so many models out there, that i’m sure you’ll get the right one. I like the Ray•Ban – Justin model, especially the model below, because of the design, mix of colors, the matte feeling texture and i already picture with what outfit this sunglasses will work 😉


Then are the watches! Do you know any man without a watch? I truly haven’t met one yet, so you will never get wrong with a watch. But men are tricky here, they love classic, casual, sporty, stylish and definitely swiss, ALL IN ONE.

A man will want his watch to reinforce his masculinity and style.

Oh God that’s hard! OK, let’s not panic, because i got your back.

Doxa. I think this has it all. It’s a classic and swiss made since 1889, sporty and casual being  a Grancircuit – special edition with chronograph, designed for races and racing enthusiast alike, that has all the features that define a Doxa, the leather bracelet, white dial and crystal black sapphire that reinforces the pieces masculinity and style.


Every perfume is a signature!

And since we love perfume, well so does men, but they like what a perfume tells about them. It has to be a signature for a authentic, confident and true man.

I choose Sauvage from Dior. A powerfully fresh composition, with a name that speaks for it self. This is how Dior would describe it and the fragrance is amazing. It’s truly raw and noble all at once.


I hope you’ll like my gift ideas and i really want to hear yours because you are so inspiring for me too.


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