You Know Me And You Don’t – Nº5 L’eau Chanel

Nº5 L’eau Chanel.

The classic and emblematic perfume of Chanel has just been reinvented at Bratislava, a wonderful city, also undergoing reinvention. This is the 5th reinterpretation since the launch of it, 95 year ago, by Gabrielle Chanel in 1921.

Oliver Plodge, who became the Chanel perfumer in 2013, did the most complicated thing, he created another master piece, incorporating the alchemy behind the essence and traditionalism of this perfume, with freshness as leitmotif, just as his father, Jacques, did in 1986, when he created the Eau de Parfum.


Source: Chanel Official

I’ve never truly been a fan of N°5, even if it has been one of my moms favorite and from any parfume in this would, for sure, N°5 is the one i would know.

The new Nº5 L’eau Chanel is the freshest, dynamic, simple yet sophisticated, iconic perfume ever, attributes given by the exemplary composition of citrus aldehydes, may rose with its velvety touch (plantations that Chanel own in Grasse), green jasmine, ylang-ylang, cedar, santalwood, soft and cottony musk notes.


Source: Chanel Official

Chanel couldn’t have found a better figure in Lily Rose Deep, daughter of Johnny Deep and Vanessa Paradis, as the image of Nº5 L’eau Chanel, who represent the  essence of it.

Lily Rose is above all a young girl, waiting to be discovered as a woman. She’s an artist, strong and elegant, vulnerable and young, fresh and dynamic. The perfect combination captured in the hashtag of the publicity campaign #youknowmeandyoudont.


While being in Paris, i visited Sephora and there was a whole publicity about this perfume, that i just couldn’t pass it. I love when a perfume has a story, especially because while hearing it, i felt so conected to it. Then i tried it and it was amazing, my God, i thought, this is nothing like any N°5. I just wanted to have it.

As you must have seen on @theuptowners instagram, i purchased Nº5 L’eau Chanel perfume then, when i was in Paris with Mr UTer, from Sephora on Champ Elysee, as a declaration of what this is for me: a fresh and amazing year to come!

Please share with me your stories for the perfume you choose to wear for 2017.

You can buy Nº5 L’eau Chanel from here.


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