When in Paris … the best french delights


Just by saying this name you already imagine the baguettes, pain au chocolat, blue fromage, pate de canard and soft red wine.

For this reason we are going to share with you some tips when it comes to where to find some best french delights … when in Paris.

Our first stop will be at Angelina Paris – St Germain. This is a wonderful place to visit for the pastry collection of the house chef and the most delicious hot chocolate. Even if you are on a city break, with very little time available, don’t miss this place, you’ll love it and you’ll get home some delicious delights.


Another place worth not to miss is Delices de France on Rue de Rivoli. If you wanna buy for you, friends, family or business partners some souvenir, like the colorful and artistic Marie Bouvero chocolate tablets, this is the best place.

Beside chocolate, Delices de France is where to find all you can imagine when it comes to french souvenir delights.


And one last place you can’t miss it, is having a meal at Boucherie Rouliere Restaurant – St Germain. Here is where you get to experience the true french cuisine. Wonderful staff, warm ambiance, like home dishes, best meat ever had and quality wine from the restaurant owners growers.



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