Christmas Gingerbread House

Hello all and Merry Christmas!

How was your Christmas? Lot of gifts i hope and a party to match 😉

Well we were busy too, but on top of all the Christmas challenges of presents hunt and party to plan, we took the gingerbread challenge this Christmas. We had a lot of fun and we loved it!

2017-12-29 16.28.21

Since it was our first team project of this kind we wanted to share it with you guys, as i mentioned few days ago on instagram, so here we go.

2017-12-29 16.26.05

Maybe this time we could’ve done more on it but since we didn’t really know what is it all about, we weren’t really prepared. But on and all i think it looks encouraging and nice and we will make for sure a custom out of it every year from now on 🙂

2017-12-29 16.27.49

So dears, have you tried it? Are you gingerbread builders too?

2017-12-29 16.25.17


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