Spring Fragrance With Guerlain

Hello dears,

Now we can say Spring is finaly here. Its been a while since we had such a beautiful weekend, warm and sunny. Don’t know how was your March until now but where we live it was so snowy, cold and dark.

So, this weekend i thought is time for a new spring scent for Mrs UpTer and i end up at Guerlain House in Paris.


Wow so nice set up in there, if you are in Paris just go visit. You don’t have to purchase anything, they are so nice and warm and you will feel great.

After i tried some of their fragrances i stoped at Aqua Allegoria Collection and i fell in love. So in love that i coundn’t just remain on one fragrance so i took 3. Yes tree!


These fragrances won’t be used just for spring as for summer too, because the scents already make me think about sea waves and summer oriental nights.


So babes, tell me, do you have any new fragrance fot this spring/ summer?



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