What swimsuit to wear this summer

Hello babes, how’s your summer so far? Mine is more tropical then ever. What’s wrong with this weather!? Here we have a super hot day that ends with thunder storms and heavy rain, so where do we live anymore? Continental or tropical?

So with this weather going on is hard not to think about Tulum or any other tropical place with palms, ocean, sand and swimsuits 🙂


Chanel – Source: Vogue.com

Yep, swimsuits! So since i am all so head over summer i wanted to share with you my favorite summer swimsuits so far, so here we go.


Tommy Hilfiger – Source: vogue.com


Michael Kors – Source: vogue.com


Alberta Ferretti – Source: vogue.com


Fenty x Pumma by Rihanna – Source: vogue.com


Jacqemus – Source: vogue.com

So babes, what’s your favorite? Mine for this summer is Jacqemus, nice Polka-dots, a retro but not dated fashion style and sexiness in Jacquemus’ La Bomba collection.


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