Balmain – Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2020 Favorites

Hello all,

My favorites from Paris Fashion Week is far from ending, I still have a few more to show you, but this one is by far my favorite designer.


Why? Well is more about Balmain, is the story behind this brand, is the story of Oliver.


As an adopted black child of white parents fron Bordeaux, France, Olivier Rousteing said that he grew up obsessed with questions regarding heritage, race, belonging, and fitting in.

Me, I think is a role model and his autobiographical film Wonder Boy (which charts his successful search to discover the truth of his biological parentage) may find many of us inspired when it comes to fitting in, to belonging and I truly belive Oliver has fulfilled his childhood dream with Balmain belonging the fashion world.




Dangling scarf-lets, tailored pullover “jackets” with kangaroo pockets, and two bold-shouldered, tight-at-the-leg looks in brownish PVC are just a few of my favorites from this runway, where Oliver expressed his love for the patrimony of French fashion codes.

I look forward to see the movie and play with some of his fashion idems this autumn.


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