New year new style

HELLO 2019! OMG one thing we all know, time goes fast on holidays. So here is a new year, new beginings, new me (this trend is overrated for me right now) … so how about new style.

No, don’t get there, i keep my leggings with a suit too this year and my sneakers with a skirt, but i found some pretty style ideas for this year that i think would be nice to incorporate in my wardrobe.


I love those autumnal colors right now, even on winter, is more cozy and for a daywear these are perfect.

screenshot_20190104-201505_adobe acrobat

Is winter sure, but i need my colors until i get to see my spring sun or at least i am tempting him to come out.


Office needs a makeup, all those grey suit, yeah i get it, but why not mix it with some color, put style in it and go shine.

Hope this is inspiring for you this begining of the year and give you what you need to make this year great!


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