Weekend in Barcelona

Hello everyone!

This weekend is so rainy, that all i need is my warm coffee and some story time with you since last weekend we were so up and about!

We booked few days with our friend A. in Barcelona and i have to say March and April is the best time to visit Barcelona.

The temperature is around 17°C and is great, since when you stay in the sun makes you feel like is 25°C and guys that sun burns so take your SPF creams with you, is no joke, trust me. Thank God for the soft breeze.

So where to stay in Barcelona so you can enjoy to max your interests? Babes i have you covered. I’ve been up and down in Barcelona and i have a few tips for you.

One: if you enjoy a small place, you are a foot walker, enjoy your near house/ hotel food, drinks, objects of interest, arts and beaches, then you have to stay in the Gothic city center. Is perfect, everything is few steps away, you will be everywere in no more then 20 minutes walk, like Gaudi arts, parks, Arc of Triomphe, singing fountain and of course Rambla with all the shopping and dinning places.



Second: if distance is not the problem but a beautiful and spacious place to stay in it is, then you go for a place near airport. Why there? Beacause metro and busses are the best in Barcelona. They have connections everywhere, a few minutes from everything, but also you can enjoy some not so crowed mornings and evenings and you can have all day to visit and enjoy the rest of the city. Prices for everything are also so much better, from accomodations to food and shopping places, i might even say more nice looking too.



Hope i sparked your interest, this is an amazing city full of art combined with the beautiful seaside life, full of palms and yachts.


Happy weekend guys! XOXO

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