Summer favorite outfits

Hello everyone! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

I am kind of a dreamer when it comes to summer weekend. Don’t know why but summer makes me wanna try new things, dream of romantic cozy evenings, explore new seaside destinations and enjoy fashion as much as i can.

Maybe is because winter is all about layers and summer is all about simplicity. Is about breeze through your clothes and salt in your hair.

This is why today i wanna share with you my most favorite pickings for this summer outfits.

Dresses! Oh my oh my! It have to be cotton or we are done. Is summer people, plastic has now right in my wardrobe. So go for a colorful dress, casual and airy, but chic and classy.


What is a dress without the right bag. Don’t worry i have you covered. Color, shape and texture, that all you have to care.


Well beach is my hometown and a pareo is a must on all occasions. But on top of a swimsuit, is a go for too.


Now please share with me what do you think is a must for fashion this summer, i need some inspiration too and would love some from you.


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