Summer wedding place setting ideas

Hello weekend!

Wedding summer season …

My, my, my! I love it!

Babes this post came as this season is wedding season and i saw some beautiful venues so far and i got inspirated. So i decided to share with you this year trends when it comes place setting and theme ideas.

My first pick is the island theme. This is such a wonderful setting for a beachside venue. The burst of colors is so joyful!


Romantic theme, a small piece of south of France or italian riviera. Pink roses and peonies, with a touch of blue for him. Just imagine a flowerful garden as you walk the aisle! Ahh!


Pure english elegance! This theme is my favorite. No cloudy weather will ruin such a wonderful day, since rain is wealth and after the rain there is always sun! So why not enjoy a elegant and stylish place setting, with all the silvers and cristals you can wish for!


Hope it will inspire any of you happy future brides out there!


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