Trip to Paris in September

Hello dears, long time no see.

What is it that is so hard to keep in touch in here? Why do I feel life always get ahead of me and is so hard to keep up, especially here, where I miss so much writing and sharing with you parts of what I do, what I like, where I travel, tips and trick, because this is what i am after with the blogs and people I follow, I want to be inspired, I want to get the best of everyone and everything, where I can see myself also doing and being.

Okey don’t wanna scare you, but I felt like opening a bit with you here. I just love this place i have here with you and is precious to me. Is not business, no material benefit out of it, just growing us together and sharing the best of us 🙂

So if you feel like sharing ideas, questions, please fill free, I will gladly join you, here and mostly on Instagram and Twitter.

Now … back to what this post was supposed to be about.

So, as you may know already, I love Paris. I am in Paris every year, and here and there in between.

I work in finance, no full time blogger, but I love fashion, beauty, travel and house design and decoration.

By all I don’t like the superficiality of what this has come nowadays. I get is all about money, but is it? Did all the influencers today started this just of the idea of money? and if you haven’t why you work so hard to relate to it now?

Anyhow, just to make a point, for me is something else, is pure delight and passion.

Therefore, here is my September snaps from Paris. Yes it was Paris Fashion Week, haven’t attempted it since I only had a week and I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather i was blessed with, all sunny and warm.


And up we go early in the morning!


Plaza hotel is a must stay! Its amazing!


All day at Louvre!


Never liked so much Paris, then viewing it through Louvre windows!


Romance is everywhere here, i love those picnics by Seine river.


I love La Fayette galleries, especially for its amazing style.


Macarons my love, i love the taste of it, is not just the look or fancyness.


Went to the first english library in Paris, is on Rue de Rivoli. So so nice!


So here is my week in pictures, if you want me to do a post about best cafes in Paris, how to picnic like a Parisian, what to visit, where to stay and most important where to shop, write me. I will make myself a purpose to put it all down here.


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