In Paris at F.I.A.

Hello everyone!

Yesterday i told you i will share a special and interesting place in Paris, called Hall of Fame at F.I.A. aka Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, located at Place de la Concorde no 8 in Paris, France.

Well this is a must see if you pass by this place. Well guys you all know Formula 1 racers and Monacco Grand Prix, right? Well then, here you will find their original costumes, the years when they wore it and what competition.

Also this place is amazing, playing their shows and giving you the opportunity to compare each formula 1 racer with another, so you can see differences in competitions, prizes, years of experience and so on.

Everyone there is so nice, they will give so free souveniers on your way out with F.I.A. logos. Nice, right?


Hall of Fame at F.I.A.


Michael Schumacher original race suit worn in 1998


Denis Hulme original race suit worn in 1967


Some more original race suit


Ayrton Senna race suits and helmet replica worn in 1988


What do you think of my favorites this inside this place? hope you like it and give it a try.


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