Winter wonderland with Dior

Happy December everyone!

No need to say this December is magical. For everyone i think this must be the most beautiful time of the year but lets be honest is also the busiest time of the year. Not only because of so many things to put together and establish for the next year, but all the preparations and gifts have us on an edge.

So, where do i start? This year i am doing things differently.

First i am going for charity. Yes you hear well. I want this off my mind and Mr UpTer feels the same. Second i am going for the gifts, i won’t leave it for the last minute, coz i want this year to take my time with home decorations, me and Mr UpTer tlpampering and on top off all, i want to feel relaxed when the holidays are here.

With that being said, few days ago i made a stop at shopping center and my oh my, so many shopping stores are already ready for Christmas. So it was Christian Dior! Lovely!


I couldn’t wait to show you how amazing their store look for holidays.

I loved their Christmas tree concept, what do you think?


Next, i saw these wonderful candles that i think will shine so nice at home during Christmas Eve.


And last but not least, i got puzzled between their wash scents, so amazing all, i could barely choose one. I surely will gift some of these, they are wonderful.


So, dears what do you think? How is your December preparations going so far? Any gift ideas yet? I would love some inspiration from you.


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