Runway report for 2020

Hello dears and Happy Hollidays!

Now that Christmas celebrations are over i can’t wait for New Year and i am 100% focused on it. Searching for the new trends for 2020 i thought: why am i looking on what to wear for next year and i can start wearing it from the last hours of 2019 to the first hours of 2020.

So i ended up picking what i would wear on this year end and the new begining of 2020.

If you are a “Black is 2020 new color” then lets take a look at what runway has for you, i one totaly loved it and i think black has its magic and mistery just as Dior and Chanel dramatic dresses.


If you are not the black magic type, i thought a bit of jungle colors will do your trick, like a fresh start from all 2019 had in store for you and you must love Fendi and Valentino ideas.


Now now, i couldn’t let you without the glitter, is a must i go for no matter what. Is the spark i think we all need and that brights our new begining of 2020, so bold gold of Balenciaga is my choice.


So, what do you think? Ready for 2020? XOXO

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