Travel? And now where to?

Hello everyone!

How are your days going by and what are your plans from now on?


Well there is a question i kind of found myself asking lately. If it is for traveling or for next step plans i feel in a numb.

Things doesn’t seem to go that smooth aren’t they, even if i keep my mind on a positive set, what other powerful people in this world are doing does not put an ease on it.


Let’s take travel. Any kind of travel. I heard this week, a well known business man saying he withdraw all the money from aviation and this way of traveling won’t be the same for the next 2-3 years?! Well wow, i had so many plans, like you i am sure, at least a holiday was there planned, not to say starting to work or live somewhere else.


What now? If the bravery is not missing and all the safety measures are taken, still other things are against any travel plan. Let’s do take aviation, is all going down, very down, many companies barely are functioning and even if they will start do it, we won’t travel the same, a normal thought by all means. I guess and surely hope safety measures to be taken, but at what cost?

Those companies, as they speak now will fly, lets take Paris, with 20 people on board per one flight, before were 120. Looks like madness, how those companies will continue to function and who or better say when, all the people who wants to get there, will get there? Will it become a luxury for some if the costs will blow and if that won’t be the problem, what if corporations, politicians and emergency will have priority? Or i wonder, if i travel Paris, by the time i get back, i will be put in 14 days quaratine, just to be sure i am virus free? Will this happen each time we travel?


And this is just a thought … Then i think about turism in general, or freedom to move to where ever you want to live or work, or small businesses that were doing export-import, or people that their job involved traveling, list can go on.

Have you thought of any of this? Are you still planning to go anywhere, for any reason, anytime soon? Please share your thoughts and how you cope.


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