Where to travel in 2020?

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!

Since here we had today 32°C, is practicaly imposible not thinking about travel, holiday, vacation when all this nightmare pasts.

Same as me, lots of you feel the same and i thought i might tell you, where you could go if things turn out well in the next month or so.

I will start with City Breaks, because is easier and shorter time traveling i think.


First will be Paris. Well as you know fights will be available from 15 June and i think if everything goes well from August a trip there could be planed.


Then London. I don’t know what to say since the restriction they apply to the coming travelers of 14 days of quarantine visiting won’t scare many of us, but we will keep an eye on it.


ROME. Oh boy. In March i booked, a trip to Rome that was canceled due to what happened at that time in Milan and now that i am thinking i wish i would have already been there last year. I love Rome, but since there is hard to know when any available trips will be allowed, i can’t even begin to plan and feel safe.


Greece and Turkey, sunny place. So so many travel agencies said that they expect trips here to be planned from July, as flights will recover their flights. Maybe autumn will be a better time to plan, until things cool down.


Last, Spain, things doesn’t look as good as we thought. They had an ease in restrictions, but as today i just read they went back on emergency state due to backfire of covid.

I hope things to get better, until then if your country relaxes a little and you can travel within, maybe this would be a good time to consider it.



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