Guerlain L’Essentiel – Best Natural Foundation For All Skin Types

Hello dears!

I made a new discovery and i want so much to share it with you.

I found a foundation that is 97% of natural ingredients but have the best performance.

I will start with the fact that this post is not paid or gifted as non of my post are. All i write here are my personal experiences about products i purchase my self.

For the first time Guerlain surprised me with naturalness and make-up performance in just one small bottle. This foundation is made with 97% naturally-derived ingredients and has a natural glow finish that lasts for 16 hours, leaving your skin luminous and fresh, with coverage from light to medium, available in 30 shades to match every skin tone.

The remaining 3% have been chosen in good conscience. Their function: guaranteeing the impeccable, long-lasting hold of the foundation and its sensory qualities.


The extracts from both tara and red algae gums let the skin breath and protect it from pollution. White cocoa bean extract as well as probiotic derivatives and prebiotics maintain the skin’s natural balance, strengthen the cutaneous barrier, and boost hydration.

As result your skin complexion is more even and the appearance of imperfections is reduced.

The unique bottle is made by the designer Mathieu Lehanneur, inspired by the subtle art of balance.

How to use it, according to their official site?

I am so happy for finding a beauty product from a luxury brand that i love that promotes natural ingredients that protects your skin.

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