The New CHANEL Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint

Hello Weekend! And hello News!

Since i am on a discovery mode this week, i thought why not end it with one more.

I have a very fair skin, sensitive to some ingredients and by far the most complex, either oily if i wash it every day with cleanser, either dry if i do not. So … lets not speak about anything unwanted to put on my face.

With that being said, it would be an understanding that a light weight make up or skin care is a must. Since is summer already i found my self looking for this graal for my everyday skin rutine and i think i found it. Bear in mind, i do my researched, i read official pages and all the reviews i can get, mostly i look for real users, not gifted or paid, since is my skin we are talking.


As for my recent discovery, well the new CHANEL Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint is my  next to try products and so far i love it.

Introducing the first water-fresh tint by CHANEL.

CHANEL created EAU DE TEINT, the first water-fresh tint by CHANEL using microfluidic technologies.

This is so lightweight, hydrating and my favorite: refreshing, a ultra-light formula, composed of 75% water, creating a radiant bare-skin effect.

I like that it includes an ergonomic brush that blends the tint effortlessly into skin for an even and natural-looking result, revealing a radiant healthy glow.

Now a huge tip i will share with you dears: if you spot a product you would want to purchase don’t rush it. Go to a beauty store, like Sephora, that can and will give you samples of it and ask for a sample to try it first, say your skin is sensitive and you would want to try it. More, do this, if one sample is not enought, rotate the shop and get more, until you tried it enough to convince your self is worth it. Plus if they say they don’t have recipents, wear one with you.

Well, if you liked it and have some tips for me too, please share, i would love to know it.


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