Back To Work Outfits Inspiration for 2020

Hello Friends!

Looking for a smart back to work look, that will give back your confidence and boost your job mood? I am there and i don’t feel ready, so i am in search of inspiration.

Here is what i have in mind, if is for monday morning wear, friday fun day wear or your everyday work wear, these outfits will get us back on track.

Is not easy to jump from leggings to business costume, but i will go for more versatile pieces that will make this transition easier and the best way i see it, is to keep it minimal.


So, tell me, how is it for you? Are you ready to go back to work?


2 Thoughts

  1. Love the idea of knit on pants. Also, a balenciaga inspired bag for work is lit. Thanks for sharing. It is not so easy to go back to work mode


    1. Thank so much Magdalene for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it so much and love to interact with you! Is hard enough to go back, i find it so very out of any confort zone, therefor we need, yes, things, that will help us feel some normality. XOXO


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