Chic White Summer Outfits To Add To Your Wardrobe For 2020 Summer

Hello White!

I don’t know if is just me, but white is all for summer. I could never see my self wearing white on winter. I mean, ok maybe on ski slopes but think wearing white on a bad rainy snowy melting day … OMG!

So since is summer here, thank God for that, white is in order.

I get that beach holiday feeling everytime i wear it, so i thought why not share with you, how i think to introduce white into my wardrobe but not only for weekend, i was thinking in the middle of the week too, on working days, but still keeping it chic.

Now is the time to wear it if you like it too, because not all of us live on a all year long summer place and we need some light in our lifes right now.

If all white is to much for you, go for a black pair of sunglasses or a bag or some sandals. The black on white trend is here and it doesn’t have to be your wedding day.


What do you think, are you ready for white?


2 Thoughts

  1. I have a coat from Zara, pure white, suitable for winter time, or autumn. I often wear it when it rains beacuase everyone else is in dark outfits and here am I , the outsider, defying ‘normal’:)). You should see the crazy looks:))


    1. Ohh Laura, you made my day. I am so greatful for your post, we are on the same page. C’EST NORMAL should be only what we define for our selfs to be normal. What other think or do is theor concern. Be your self, because at the end of the day is YOU you see the mirror, YOU that folows you everywhere.

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