Weekend Breakfast Recipe – Egg Foo Yung Pancakes

Hello Weekend!

I just love Saturdays. It is my favorite day of the week, the day you know you can wake up late and that tomorrow is another late morning.

So maybe breakfast is not the case in here but brunch it is or late breakfast as english says.

And what better breakfast then pancakes. Well we all love them, right? Me too, but today we will try some special pancakes that i love, Egg Foo Yung, also known as Chinese-American, but also served in countries such as Britain and Southeast Asia.


What we need?

1 cup mung bean sprouts

1/2 cup of minced celery

1/4 cup grated parmesan 

6 large eggs

2 teaspoons minced scallions

freshly ground black pepper and salt (to taste)

2 to 3 teaspoons Chinese soy sauce

3 tablespoons canola (or corn or peanut oil, or any of your taste)

2/3 cup small-curd cottage cheese

2 green onions (chopped)

How is done?

Mix the mung bean sprouts with minced celery, grated parmesan, eggs, scallions, ground black pepper and salt, soy sauce, cottage cheese.

Add the canola (or corn or peanut oil, or any of your taste) into a pan and fry the mixture 2-3 minutes each side.

Garnish with green onions (chopped) and soy sauce.

Bon appetit!


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